There are two ways items on this site will ship. 

#1 The vintage and reworked items will be mailed out priority shipping the next business day (unless otherwise discussed) using the United States Postal Service. Average ship time is 3-7days domestically, 1-2 weeks abroad. Will come with a tracking number.    

#2 Items like shape wear and panties are shipped out by my affiliates from various locations. I do my best to order these products domestically when possible, but some will be shipping from other countries, mainly china. They will use the best combination of speed and price for shipping using various carriers. Average ship times are 3 weeks. Will come with a tracking number. I quality check samples from most of these listings so that I can personally vouch for these products and only sell quality goods. 

If you need your tracking number, would like to inquire about different shipping times and methods, or have any other shipping related questions, please contact us here: