The Studio
Wild Blue is a new way to experience fashion.    
We curate collections of re-worked and rare vintage finds to reflect the uniqueness of our customers.
Our customers see the fun in vintage style and fabrics and love being fashion forward. They also love our environment, and know that re-purposing materials is one of the best ways to work towards a sustainable future. And last, but not least, they appreciate the quality and uniqueness of slow fashion and a great fit. 
We want our customers to look and feel their best and I really enjoy helping them do that through bespoke, well fitting fashion.  
Hi! I'm Ferrell Mongillo, the creator behind Wild Blue Design Studio. Having this shop has been a dream of mine and it's finally here... And I'm so thrilled to share it with you!
I learned to sew when I was about 8 years old, and right from the start I would take my little brothers baby clothes apart and recreate them into new designs. Growing up I loved thrift shopping and always had good luck finding treasures. I would alter most of my clothes to have my best fit. Once I realized there was a major for it, I graduated from the Art Institute of San Francisco with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design (and was awarded best portfolio in my class!) in 2007.
I also love snowboarding and Lake Tahoe, so I moved here and was determined to "make it work!". As one does, I've had many jobs in Tahoe; From being an assistant buyer and snowboard shop manager to go-go dancing, but I always kept sewing on the side.
Even my sewing endeavors have been a winding road, but a direction that has always pulled me was bridal alterations. I really enjoy the attention to detail it takes to work on high end clothing, and I love my clients happy faces when they see how fabulous they look in their transformed garments. I feel like a fairy godmother!
My other passion is thrifting. One, because you can find such unique vintage clothing, and two because it's SO much better for our environment than creating new items. My true vision came into focus by blending my affinity for couture alterations and thrifting into the creation of my own re-worked vintage wedding dress. And maybe yours too!